11 June 2013

Todays news from the resistance

So here's todays news from the resistance:

The Taksim Square Gezi Park has been taken by the people for over 10 days now. Everything is free: food water clothes books medical service and supplies, anything! There are leftists, and anticapitalist muslims and transsexuals and everyone. Also regular yoga, collective meditation, mother earth rituals, ballet, art performances, medical services and a nice new orchard. Still planting vegetables and flowers :)

The police attacked the courthouse today and arrested around 50 lawyers (with slick boxing and karate moves). Action is hot and tense in the park as the police tries to take it back from the protesters. Lots of gas and rubber bullets. Many people injured. The resistance is not stepping back. 

Love & Light,

The photographs are taken from the internet.

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