05 June 2013

Update for world friends: Drunks & Punks of the world, unite!

The situation is more calm now. The Gezi Park and the whole Taksim Square is taken by the 'people' and the police can't get in the barricades. There are temporary hospitals, free food kitchens, guerilla libraries all over the place and thousands of people camping. People are planting vegetables in the main streets :) We also have local media coverage now. Lots of singing and celebration. But the gas attack and police violence continues in many places all over the country.

As for me I discovered that I'm a gas and adrenaline junkie, the singing and barbecue type of activism is kinda boring so I'm back home. Working as much as possible and waiting with all my gear (gas mask, swimming goggles, vinegar, talcid mix) etc to come out if there's some action. 

I cannot tell you the hilarity and creativity that marked the spirit of the movement because it's mostly Turkish, but let me say that young people from the resistance are calling police emergency lines like 911 and complaining that they haven't had any pepper gas in the park for hours and they need some immediately. The police answers, "don't worry we're on the way" :)

The prime minister called the protesters "drunks and punks" so everybody calls each other "hey there drunk punk" and they change their names to "Drunk Punk Sona Ertekin etc." and the biggest punks and drunks are of course the kids and grannies and cats and dogs in the protests :)

Anyway I'm home and safe now. I have left an extra laptop and spare clothes to the radio I used to work near the park too. So I'm in touch.

Thank you once again for the support,
One World
One Love!

Here's my two favorite pictures from the resistance

And here's some of mine:

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