02 June 2013

World Friends! We have news for you!

World Friends! We have news for you!

There is a revolution and resistance movement in Turkey right now. The president and the governing Islamic party has been attacking our freedom of speech, drinking alcohol, kissing in public, abortion, access to morning after pills for so long. They have been demolishing historical buildings, parks, trees, social gathering places. Cutting trees to turn every beautiful spot into huge shopping malls.

The people were silently protesting the demolition of İstanbul's "central park" Gezi Parkı on 29 May Wednesday when the riot police attacked. They attacked people who were reading books under the trees as a form of peaceful resistance with tear gas and burned their tents at 05:00 in the morning while they were sleeping. Since then "tens of thousands of people" gathered in Taksim square Istanbul and all over the country. There is torture in the police stations. So many people injured and a few deaths already. The media is silenced, there is almost nothing in the newspapers and tv channels. Many shops are open and they feed the protesters, provide shelter and supplies for gas protection. (Vinegar, talcid mixes, lemon, gas masks) People open their houses for tired protesters. Brutal attacks with endless clouds of pepper gas and rubber bullets is only met with a beautiful crowd of people who also keep cleaning the streets and taking care of animals in the streets, replanting the flowers in the parks. The picture is vibrant, beautiful and full of hope against the cruel and heartless violence of the fascist government and the despair of a mute media.

Police gas and proud resistance is a great fix for the numb despair of our times. Universe, she moves in mysterious ways

As I said there is no more media in Turkey right now. If you'd like to learn what's going on in Turkey right now here's a few links:





Madonna, Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Thom Yorke and so many others support resistance in Turkey.

Spread the word.

Love is in the streets!

Love & Freedom!

The pictures I took in Istanbul in the last few days. 

The pictures in social media show the extent of the situation unlike mine but I'm sure you'll like my Istanbul Street Fashion Pic. :)

İstanbul Street-fashion

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